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Akiko Sherman International is a name synonymous with the India's vibrant textile export scene. For the last two decades, the company has been known for producing exemplary yam, linen, towels, carpets and blankets. We are of India's leading exporters of textile products to japan amongst other for east and south east Asian regions and have now expanded to include large volumes of exports to Oceanic countries and Africa.

With cutting edge production, our products bridge the gap between traditional Indian textile and modern style to meet the need of the predominantly millennial market.


Our high-end range of items find their place not only in homes and domestic usage but also adorn the decor of commercial offices, showrooms and the best of hotel chains.

Akiko Sherman believes that gone are the days when the emphasis was not on decor. Your choice of sheets, carpets and the works speak volumes about your personality. At Akiko, the emphasis is on revolutionizing the market in this aspect.